Room Heaters

If you spend a lot of time at home, chances are you have noticed your heating bills skyrocket during the cold winter months. With the installation of some energy efficient electric room heaters, however, you will be able to keep your home toasty and warm without breaking the bank. Convection Panel Heaters These units feature a slim compact design, which ensures that they take up as little room as possible and are fairly unobtrusive. They feature a highly sensitive thermostat (meaning that even the slightest temperature changes will be noted) and are perfect for families who suffer from asthma or allergies. They also have a relatively silent operation. Fan Assisted Heaters These units feature fans to help them warm up the space faster, which is ideal when you first arrive home, and will automatically cut out once the desired temperature has been reached. Like convection room heaters, they feature a slim compact design (so take up as little wall space as possible) and are quite easy to mount and install. Underfloor Heaters These units are available in two options – electric floor coils and hydronic (hot water). Both systems are laid into the slab beneath your home and will heat the room from floor to ceiling. If you have opted for a hydronic unit, many people choose an electric-fired boiler, as it is quite an energy efficient option.