Hot Water Systems

Did you know that water heating systems are the biggest consumers of electricity throughout the world (domestically)? Imagine how much money you could save by drastically lowering your consumption! Another environmentally friendly alternative to providing your home with an endless supply of hot water is a heat pump water heater, which operates using solar power. They harvest heat from the air and use it to gently heat the water inside the system, which is incredibly environmentally friendly. Heat Pump Hot Water Systems These units are incredibly energy efficient and can actually help you to reduce your energy usage by up to 70% (when compared with conventional electric systems). There is no need to install solar panels on the roof and they offer relatively quiet operation – you won’t even know it’s on. The units can be installed either inside or outside the home (depending on where you would like them and have available space) and they are known to also work in lower temperatures. This makes pumps are viable option for almost any home, whether you live in a hot climate or not.